Friday, July 5, 2013

The 4th of July: Fourth and Last day of our Family Leavenworth Trip

Today, we go home. :( There was a lot of re-packing, and we had the van loaded in record time, us kids being really excited about the creation museum. We got to feed the fish in the pond one last time before going, and we stopped for gas at Safeway before finally getting on our way to the creation museum. When we did finally arrive, we introduced ourselves to the Marron family, and they introduced themselves to us. Mr. Marron, and sometimes the oldest son, Isaiah, explained the different displays they're going to build, (the museum in still in progress, although Mr. Marron said that he was hoping to get it finished by the end of summer or beginning of fall, Lord willing), and we even got to see a geyser in action! (It wasn't a real geyser, just pressured water under control.) The names of the kids, from oldest to youngest were: Isaiah, Zachariah, Daniel, and Elijah. (I wonder if they were trying to name their kids after profits. :) Anyways, it was really neat to meet that family, whose view on the creation of the world is so much like ours. I'm looking forward to seeing their family at the next Home school Conference that both our family's will be attending. We then said goodbye, and continued our long trip home. Once home at last, we unpacked and settled ourselves in. After we had settled, I posted on my blog. Ta-Da! Fun, fun!! Better be off now, Bye!
(Here are some pictures of what our Lodge looked like, from the outside, and on the inside.):
Our Lodge, called Trail Head Lodge, was HUGE

This is the table we did all our Bible Bee stuff at.

My bed is the farthest. (the one that's not made yet :)

Here are some pretty daisy pictures I took, just for fun, and because I like the daisy flower:
A multitude of daisies...

A single daisy

The hills and blue sky behind the daisies

And more daisies

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  1. I love that place! That is where we have our ladies retreat! I stayed in your lodge the last time we had ladies retreat.


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