Monday, March 14, 2016

If You Want to Laugh...

Sometime recently my older sister Margaret did the "Getting to Know Me Tag" in answer to me. I read it this evening and spent the next twenty minutes chortling over her answers. XD
Seriously, if you're feeling glum, sad, or need something to buck up your spirits, read this post.
(Click anywhere in this sentence and you'll be there.)
Tell them (and me!) what you think! :D


  1. Oh goodness gracious. I will never think of myself in the same way after that answer to believing in self. :P
    When we were little, we had the color code thing, too. I was BRAINWASHED (let's just say it :P) into thinking my favorite color was green for years. It's not. It's yellow. :)
    And I love Studio C. They are hilarious. :)

    1. Hmm...maybe it's a pastor's family thing. ;)
      Studio C is awesome. What more can I say!
      Glad you enjoyed her post. :D

  2. I think you look like Captain Crunch.


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