Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Month, New Page...

Hey, look at me! I've got a new page!! :) :) And no, I didn't mean to post this right when everyone is posting their various goodbye's to March...I'm just weird and never find time to make a Monthly update. Maybe at the end of April...hope springs eternal. *shrugs*

But anyways, back to the subject...
(I also ditched the "My Stories" page because I now have a BUTTON for my story blog. ^_^ That makes me feel so... professional)
Over the last couple years I've been accumulating different poems that I've written for different occasions. (Even a couple songs: Lead Me, Lord, God is There and Waiting!)
I hope you will check them out and give me an honest opinion on them for me. :)

Also, to put in a word for my story blog: if you're interested in learning some of the things I'm writing about, be sure to check it out! Most of my writing that I publish online will be on that blog. The exception is a fan fiction story I'm posting next week.
Which, btw, I'm pretty sure you'll want to read if I do say so myself. I had a blast writing it!!! ;)


  1. Whaaaattt? How did I not know you had another blog?? Well then.... *goes to follow it* :D

    1. I tried to hypnotize you over the internet...but I guess it didn't work. B-)
      Better luck next time, right? ;P

  2. Please, tell me how in the world you made the blog buttons?! I can NEVER seem to figure them out!!!
    I love the new page! I had a lot of fun -re-reading your poems. They're all really, really good. <3

    1. I found the picture I liked...wrote the name of my blog on it, (your computer will probably have the "paint" program on it...that's what I used) made it smaller, (150 by 97 pixels or something like that)
      Make a blog post draft and put the picture you want as your button in it. Next, right-click on the will give you a bunch of different options...and chose the "Open in new tab". Click on that and the picture will come up with a URL in the usual URL place. :)
      Next, I used the "Generate Your Button Code" (click on the link underneath my button and it will take you to the site I used) to make a code for me.
      Did any of that make sense?
      Hope that helps! I only figured it out thanks to Jonathan. ^_^

  3. Ahh, lots of fun stuff!! :D Your song "Waiting" will always, always be my favorite. :)

    1. Aww...thanks. ^_^ It did sum up my feelings pretty well. :)


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