Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Quote Tag: Part Three

THE FINAL DAY!!! *dramatic music plays* My final quote(s) and the final three people to be stricken with this terrible tag disease. (It's contagious, I tell you!) Again, I'm going to skip on the rules, but if you need them to copy and paste to your blog post (you know who you are B-) then go back two days to the first day of this quote tag thingy. :)

And now, here's my quote:

This. Is. SO. True. As I grow older, I find it getting more true. :) Any one else with me on this one?? This is meaningful to me on two levels. The first, obviously the one intended here: best friends help you make memories worth writing about. However, on a whole new level, since I'm also an author, it means my editors have become my best friends. If they weren't already. And that's also true.

And, since I HAD to keep up the tradition of two quotes for this tag, here's the second one:

In honor of reading "The Hobbit" last month, I put in one of my favorite quotes from that book. Also because I just realized I probably should have put in my favorite quote as part of the review. Whoops. I've often found myself in a circumstance like this (especially in writing) when I know I can't go back and try to fix anything yet because I'll just end up making more mistakes, and I can't try sidestepping the problem I end up just having to forge on ahead and worry about the problem later. By then my mind is cleared a little and I can take care of whatever the problem was just fine...with help from editors. (Thanks! :)
Here's who I tag:
Ahhh.... this was fun. I may post more fun quotes on here periodically, but for now, I'll conclude this post and go haunt your blog until you do YOUR quote tag posts. (You know who you are)


  1. Again, so lovely. :) I'll be doing my posts soon-ish. ;)

  2. I loved all the quotes you did in your three posts!! They were all so good. :) Thank you so much for tagging me!! I will try and get to it soon. ;)

  3. Thanks for tagging me, Rebekah! :) I plan to do it in a couple days. :)


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