Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Vacation Post: Part Two

If you want to hear Sarah's perspective, you can go HERE.

But otherwise...

The last three days of our vacation to Oregon:

It rained. And rained. So we spent the day more or less actually resting. Don't die from shock. Also, Mom lost her that was...exciting. We were all dealing with colds (it just loves us so much) but Mom had it the worst.
Card tricks that one could TOTALLY see through, reading, and (for me) writing the beginning of a short story inspired by our trip to the ocean, and a walk along the seashore despite the drizzle kept us busy.
This may have been set up... *looks innocently into sky*
Stealth photography at its best. B-)
This sign made me laugh. I love the picture of the guy on the "Beware of Incoming Tides" sign.
This house had an awesome gate and fence.
My "reading corner"...when it WASN'T raining.
Reading "Daughter of Light" outside. No, this wasn't a selfie. David took it for me. ;)
The rain lightened by the end of the day and we were able to have a campfire down on the beach AND fly our kite. Perfect set up for more photography...although my camera was acting up...grrr.
T.J. and our kite. You know you're jealous. ;)
Thank goodness it wasn't raining.
A sunset on the beach...can't get much more romantic than that. :P
Awww... ;)

My signature. I did this everywhere I went. Just to mess with other people's minds. ;)
We went back to Cannon Beach to take more pictures, and even though it sprinkled, we were able to get some good ones. We stopped by our favorite bookstore and I bought two books: "The Legend of Tavik" (which turned out to be a pretty good find, even though I had never heard of it was sort of a cross between Greek mythology and the Arabian Nights, without scantily clad females. Which was great!) And "The Dragonology Handbook" (you know, in the name of research ;)
And then, we went home and began the long re-packing all our unpacked stuff for our trip home the next day.
'Cause I'm graduating...
Writing "Rebekah has been here" again...since I might as well. Just for fun. ;)

Mom and Dad. I really liked this pic.

The little boys...being little boys. Gathering sand on themselves to bring into the van and house. ;)
I really liked how this one turned out. :)
As promised, me 'n my uke.
(That's the G Major chord btw...
for those of you who don't play the ukulele)
Because, well...the ukulele and beach are just RIGHT.
Yes, I named him. He's Patrick. :) An IRISH ukulele...because I like going where no one has gone before. ;)

We went home. ;) We did stop by some more stores and ran in with a couple people from our church who took our family picture for us so we could be altogether...but otherwise, it was pretty boring. :)
We made it safely home and told all our relatives about Sarah and Jesse's engagement before announcing it on Sunday. Then I told some people and then told you all. Feel special. ;)

So...I'm glad to be back. And now you know what's been keeping me so busy. ;)
I'll post about the rest of our time with the Divakars next week along with some other stuff.
Oh my goodness! Where has May gone!?!?! I still need to give you the "what I've read this month" post! (dvgfhjklghgftvfr) < that was me smacking my face on the keyboard.
Bear with me please. This month has been say the least.

Hope you enjoyed that glimpse into my life. ;)



  1. Those pics are so cute!! What would we do without you?

    1. Well, SARAH certainly wasn't going to take pictures!! ;)
      Although, Mom got some good ones too...but I am glad I was able to capture some of the moments when they weren't expecting me too. }:)

    2. I should like to know how I'm supposed to take pictures of my OWN relationship??

    3. One word: SELFIES!!!! :P
      Not that you would be caught dead taking selfies. ;)

  2. Oh, I love your reading nook. :) Ahhh, and your outfit is so cute!!! *thumbs up* And I really like the 2016 picture! :D Pfft. Who am I kidding? I love allll the pictures!!!!

    Sounds like a lovely vacation, Rebekah!

  3. I completely understand about things getting hectic. For some strange reason, they do that when a sibling gets engaged. (And other times too. Haven't figured out why though. :) )
    Great picture of you reading. :) If I know someone is taking my picture, I never can keep a straight face especially if I'm supposed to "look" like I'm doing something else. Oh, well.

    1. I know...I've noticed. Hmm...I wonder why? ;)
      Aw, thanks! It was hard not to pull a face last minute...but I managed. ;) Thanks for the comment!


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