Saturday, March 1, 2014

Extroverts vs. Introverts

  Sorry, this picture has nothing to do with my topic, but it was so pretty, I just couldn't pass it up. :)

Yes, I'm an extrovert...and yes, this is from my perspective. An apology to all introverts that I may wound by misinterpretation of their personality. :) Ok, so just this week I thought it would be fun (for me) to post on how extroverts (out-going people) and introverts (people who ARE NOT out-going AT ALL!!) are so different.
I came up with seven differences right off the top of my head:


1) don't like to be alone
2) like to talk A LOT! :)
3) would prefer to go to a social gathering instead of staying home
4) usually have a large group of friends that they know pretty well
5) are invigorated after being with people for a long period of time
6) don't mind talking to strangers sometimes
7) like to be touched by a friend or family member


1) like to be alone
2) prefer to listen to others talk
3) would prefer to stay home instead of going to a social gathering
4) usually have a smaller group of friends that they know WELL
5) are drained after being with people for even a short period of time
6) don't like to talk to strangers or some people that they know
7) don't like to be touched, but may tolerate family members and a few selected friends

Now, I realize that some of these may or may not apply to you personally. Please remember that this is from my perspective, so I may not have your personality entirely correct. My deepest apologies if I have somehow wronged you. :)

May God bless you as you go about your business this week! :D


  1. lol..nice! :P I'm an extrointrovert :P I'm just a strange case ...

  2. What? You don't know any introverts do you?

  3. You could have summarized all 7 points per personality into 1 each.

    Extroverts: when given the choice prefer to be around people 9 out of 10 times

    Introverts: when given the choice prefer to be alone 9 out of 10 times

  4. I recently took two personality tests and came out as 100% Extrovert! Yes, that is me. Totally. :D The life of an Extrovert is exciting and adventurous. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

  5. As an Introvert, I can attest that this is 100% accurate! :)


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