Saturday, March 29, 2014

Q&A w/ Rebekah: The "Much Awaited" Session #2 now it's YOUR turn.
Another kind of random photo I took. :)

What is YOUR favorite:

1: Season?
2: Color?
3: Footwear?
4: Animal?
5: Pastime?
6: Car brand?
7: Movie?
8: Dessert?
9: Meal?
10: Instrument?

Who is YOUR favorite:

1: Bible Character?
2: Author?
3: Singer?
4: Composer?

Who do YOU look up to the most?

Go ahead and comment your answers this week. (since I don't know all the answers...although I could probably guess some of them... :P)


  1. Hey Rebekah! If you'd like to check out the blog I am an author on, I'd love it! :)
    Here is the link to my latest post:

  2. Okay, here goes :)
    Season: summer
    Color: Yellow
    Footwear: sandals
    Animal: Horse
    Pastime: reading, writing, sewing
    Car brand: ???
    Movie: Florence Nightingale
    Dessert: Anything with Chocolate (and peanut butter makes it even better :)
    Meal: Chinese food
    Instrument: Piano and Violin
    Bible Character: Deborah, Queen Esther, Ruth, David
    Author: Martha Finley, Lois Walfrid Johnson, Susan Marlow
    Singer: Laura Story, Steven Curtis Chapman
    Composer: Beethoven

    Who do I look up to the most?
    Dad and Mom, our Pastor, my Grandparents

    1. and me seem to have a lot of things in common! :)

  3. My Favorites;

    Season: Summer - but that was a very hard decision, I love ALL seasons!
    Color: Turquoise
    Footwear: Sneakers
    Animal: Horse(duh)
    Pastime: Reading, Pinterest, Sleeping
    Car Brand: Mini Cooper
    Movie: WHAAAT!!!?? You mean I have to decide??!!
    Desert: Anything with caramel
    Meal: Spinach ravioli, chicken broccoli alfredo
    Instrument: Cello
    Bible Character: Either Ruth or Abigail
    Author: Martha Finley, Wanda Brunstetter
    Singer: Chloe Anew, Jamie Grace, Holly Starr
    Composer: Not quite sure yet, but I like Mozart a lot!

    Who do I look up to the most:
    My Mother.....:)

    1. I seem to have some things in common with you too...I wonder why... :P

  4. Let me see . . .
    I don't think I have a favorite footwear. :P
    Reading! Or maybe writing
    I haven't a clue. Cars just aren't "my thing."
    Oh, dear, I don't know. "Sound of Music"? "Masterpiece Theater Pollyanna"? "The Long Grey Line"?
    Chocolate Cream Pie
    My sister's Macaroni & Cheese or Calzones

    Maybe Ruth
    Isabella McDonald Alden (Pansy)
    I don't really have one.
    Too many to chose just one. :)
    Mrs. Bates

    There you go. :)

  5. Oops, I missed my favorite animal. Um, dog or horse. :)

  6. Wow! Thanks to you all for answering! I hope you had fun! It was interesting seeing what all your favorite things were! :)

  7. 1: Season? Fall
    2: Color? Purple
    3: Footwear? Boots
    4: Animal? I don't like animals, but turtles if I had to pick one
    5: Pastime? Reading books or playing the piano
    6: Car brand? Don't have one
    7: Movie? What's in the Bible
    8: Dessert? Chocolate things
    9: Meal? Pizza
    10: Instrument? Piano

    1: Bible Character? God
    2: Author? God (C.S. Lewis, if you want a human)
    3: Singer? Don't have one
    4: Composer? Chopin

    Who do YOU look up to the most? God

    1. "2: Author? God (or C. S. Lewis if you want a human)"
      Well, God is kind of the obvious answer. I wanted a human.
      And this goes for ALL THE OTHER QUESTIONS TOO... :P
      (in case anyone was wondering... ;)

    2. You wanted a human for all the other questions too? I'll have to retake the whole first section!
      1. I am not sure how you want me to do this. Do you want me to just personify Fall? Fall, the most beautiful time of year: she represents old age in all it's beauty slowly changing and sinking into the deep sleep of winter: the sleep of death. (That sounds terrible, but it is what you asked for.)
      2. I have to change this now. My favorite color of people is not purple. I think purple humans look weird even when it is just their hair. So I guess I will just have to say: All shades of brown.
      3. I don't wear humans on my feet. Ever.
      4. humans are not animals, but if they were this question would answer itself.
      5. I guess I could say my favorite pastime is holding my cousin Graham. That works, right?
      6. Cars are not humans. And I am not going to tell you what car I would be if I was a car, because I think that is extremely dumb question with no purpose except to confuse people and make them think that you are strange.
      7. So do you mean the movie has to have the name of a person? I guess "Josh and the Big Wall", except that "The Big Wall" isn't a person, but we could imagine that Josh had a Bubba like sidekick whose birth name was Wallace, but Josh just called him "Wall" for short, and everyone else (except his mother who called him Wallace, and his sister who called him Wally) called him "Big Wall".
      9. "
      10. I only occasionally use humans as instruments for my purposes, but I suppose I use my younger siblings the most.

    3. Ok...Margaret!!! *throws up hands in despair*
      STOP TAKING THINGS SO LITERALLY!!! :) Of course I meant only the questions that would be sensible as humans.
      Obviously you're not going to eat anyone. And obviously you're favorite color doesn't have to be a human. Etc. etc. etc...
      Honestly? :)
      (by the way, for everyone's information, Margaret Eddy is my sister. We enjoy teasing one another. Don't take it personally... :P)

  8. Seasons: Spring and Fall
    Colors: Blue and Lavender
    Footwear: boots of course!
    Animal: the baby version of everything
    Pastimes: Pinterest, shopping, singing, playing flute and dreaming
    Car Brand: I have no idea
    Movie: Nicholas Nickleby, The Hobbit, Frozen, Sherlock Holmes, despicable me... yeah, the list goes on forever.
    Dessert: all types of pie and anything chocolate
    Meal: my mom's pizza among other things
    Instrument: Flute...

    Bible Character: does Jesus count? Otherwise it would be Ruth.
    Authors: j.j.r Tolkien, Hergé and Elizabeth George
    Singers: I like so many songs that I cannot determine my favorite singer!!!!
    Composer: Mozart


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