Saturday, March 22, 2014

Q&A with Rebekah: Session #1 ANSWERS

lifes better in flipflops_blog button
Actually, life's better when you're a Christian, but it was a fun picture anyways, since I love flip-flops! they are...the much awaited ANSWERS!!!
*drum roll*

What is my favorite:

1: Season?            A: Summer
2: Color?               A: Blue
3: Footwear?         A: Flip-Flops (notice the picture... :P)
4: Animal?            A: Horses!!!
5: Pastime?           A: Reading, Writing
6: Car brand?       A: The Mustang
7: Movie?         A: What's in the Bible (created by Phil Visher)
8: Dessert?     A: Anything that contains peanut butter and chocolate
9: Meal?              A: Pizza
10: Instrument?        A: Piano and Flute

Who is my favorite:

1: Bible Character?     A: Queen Esther
2: Author?                   A: C. S. Lewis
3: Singer?              A: Jason Gray, Robin Mark, Keith & Kristen Getty
4: Composer?               A: Moussorgsky

Who do I look up to the most? (other than God)
A: My Pastor (my Dad) and Mom

God bless you all! :)


  1. Hello Rebekah,
    I thought I'd drop over and say hi. :) I'd love to hear a little about what your book is about. Great job on writing one and publishing it! :) I wonder if I would have ever finished a story when I was your age if I had liked writing then? (I hated writing until I was about done with school.)

    1. Thanks Rebekah, it was fun to be able to write a book and actually see it in print... :) I've loved reading ever since I was about ten, and writing was the next step. I am constantly coming up with ideas now, and the real job is FINISHING the book! My oldest sister is in middle of editing another book headed for self publishing, so hopefully that will be on its way to the press soon.
      If you want to actually read my book, you can go to my writing blog:
      I have posted two of the chapters and more are coming. :)
      It might be simpler if you just read the story...its kinda hard to explain. Thankfully my story isn't too long. :)
      Thanks for dropping over and saying "hi". :)

    2. Are you selling your book Rebekah (Eddy :)
      ~Leah =D

    3. Yes! If you click on the link: The Silver Flower by Rebekah Eddy, that should take you to where my book is being sold on the blurb website. If you choose to buy it, be forewarned that it is a first addition and has a few mistakes. :) But hopefully you'll enjoy it anyways! :P

  2. When will you post #2??? :P
    I love chocolate and peanut butter as well!
    And, as you already know, summer is my favorite season too!

    1. I post weekly on Saturday, so the next session will hopefully be posted SOON! :)
      I love meeting people that have similar "tastes" to mine. :P


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