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The Princess & I Blog Tour: Day Four


Tomorrow guys. TOMORROW MY BOOK WILL BE OUT. O.O Please tell me I'm not the only one completely freaking out. I think my family is sick and tired of my gushing at this point, so I'm trying to vent my feelings on you guys instead. Hopefully you don't mind. ;) 

Anyways, today I'm joined by Marrock (go read his know you want to), Grace (yep, hers too) and Savannah (...and hers) which are a collection of reviews, spotlights, and interviews. 

As promised in yesterday's post, I'm going to introduce you to the cast of my book. Obviously, I won't be able to give ALL the characters that play a part in "The Princess and I", but I thought I'd at least give you a little glimpse into my personal favorites. (Take note of the S in favorites.) I will include pictures, but they are only how I pictured my characters (or as close as Pinterest could come). Please feel free to picture my characters however you choose to. Also, I will be giving you spoiler free information about each one just for fun. Ready? Good.

MBTI Personality Type: ISFJ
Worst Fear: Failure or the Inability to keep a promise
Gifted In: The ability to learn something quickly
Most Likely to Get Angry/Frustrated: If someone insults or harms someone close to her
Favorite Way to Dress: Simple and practical. Dresses, boots, and a warm cloak. Colors would mostly be dark shades of blues, greens, and browns.
How Would She Want to Spend a Day?: Depending on the weather, she would either be reading inside or riding her horse, Duke, outside. Both activities would be done alone.

MBTI Personality Type: ENTJ
Worst Fear: The loss of a loved one
Gifted In: Strategy
Most Likely to Get Angry/Frustrated: If he feels helpless
Favorite Way to Dress: If he's at home tending the animals then he'll dress casual, but at his work with King Frederick he dresses better. If there's a feast happening, then he goes all out and really dresses to impress. :)
How Would He Want to Spend a Day?: *cough* Preferably in the company if a certain someone. *cough* But if not that, then spending time doing something active with his multiple friends.  

MBTI Personality Type: ENFP
Worst Fear: The feeling of being unprepared or rejection from people he admires
Gifted In: People skills
Most Likely to Get Angry/Frustrated: If he feels he has been falsely accused
Favorite Way to Dress: Casual. Always. Unless...he HAS to dress up for something important. Then, of course, he would. But he wouldn't like it.
How Would He Want to Spend a Day?: Hanging out with friends. Probably swordfighting. 

King Frederick:
MBTI Personality Type: INFJ
Worst Fear: Being alone or letting down those he loves
Gifted In: Leadership
Most Likely to Get Angry/Frustrated: If he's contradicted 
Favorite Way to Dress: It's important to him to dress his rank, and he does...but if he had his way, he'd spend his time in the comforting warmth of his dressing robe and slippers. 
How Would He Want to Spend a Day?: If possible, he'd want to spend it free of his kingly duties. Either playing an enjoyable game of chess by a crackling fireplace, spending time in the gardens with his daughter, or leading a rousing hunt.

Princess Christine:

MBTI Personality Type: ENFJ
Worst Fear: Being put in charge of something important
Gifted In: Making everyone feel comfortable
Most Likely to Get Angry/Frustrated: If someone/circumstances make her feel contained or caged
Favorite Way to Dress: She likes to dress up for anything really. She enjoys beautiful things.
How Would She Want to Spend a Day?: Talking with her friends around a table, maybe doing something together that keeps their hands busy like mending or drawing. She also enjoys the outdoors, and might suggest a ride through the village so she can visit with some of the villagers and look in on those who she knows are sick. 


MBTI Personality Type: ESTJ
Worst Fear: To be in a bad situation completely out of his control and not being able to fix it
Gifted In: Horsemanship
Most Likely to Get Angry/Frustrated: If people don't listen to him
Favorite Way to Dress: Practical and neat, he prefers his clothes clean and durable. 
How Would He Want to Spend a Day?: Riding a horse. Or spending quality time with the people close to him.

MBTI Personality Type: INFP
Worst Fear: To be treated unfairly
Gifted In: Compassion
Most Likely to Get Angry/Frustrated: If he's worried
Favorite Way to Dress: Hmm...he's not very particular in his dress. So mostly casual, I guess. ;)
How Would He Want to Spend a Day?: Doing the things he loves (fishing, hunting, or swimming) by himself or with a select group of friends without the worries of his overbearing imployer hanging over his head at all.


Which character is your favorite? (Don't you dare ask me which one is MY favorite. There is NO WAY I'd be able to choose...) Did any of them have your personality? If not, which one was closest? Until tomorrow *internal screaming* I bid you a fond farewell! ;) 


  1. Ooo, all of your characters sound amazing!!

    And are you still sending out ARCs?

    1. Thank you! I thought so too...but I may be a TAD biased. ;)

      If you are willing to review it on your blog or Goodreads, then absolutely! Shoot me an email! (

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, JUST TOMORROW. *happily flails with you* Gush about it all you want - I'm excited, too! :D

    It was so much fun getting to see pictures of your characters. Funny thing, I pictured Christine to look almost EXACTLY like those pictures. It's extremely rare for me to picture a character just as an author meant them to be, unless I saw pictures before reading the book ;).

    Here's to tomorrow! <3

    ~ Savannah

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? YAY A FLAIL BUDDY!!! *dances in glitter*

      Oh, really? O.O Awesome sauce! Yes, I was pleased with the pictures I was able to find of Christine. :) Some of the other ones were close misses (Try as I might I couldn't find a good picture of John...*sigh*) but there were a few that hit right on how I imagined them to look like. Yay for Pinterest! :D

      Aw, thank you! ^_^

  3. Ahhh, this looks so amazing, Rebekah! I can't wait to read it! :D
    I enjoyed all of the pictures, but I really love the top right pic for Malcolm! Also, I like all of the pictures for Steven, and the ones for Megan are gorgeous, too! :)
    So excited for you!!!!!!!

    1. I can't wait for you to read it too! (I love not having to avoid spoilers...since I'm known for being terrible at keeping secrets it's amazing how well I've done so far on this. Believe me, you have NO idea how much holding back on spoilers pains me...)
      Yep, those are some of my favorites too. ;)

  4. Hey I've been so enjoying following along with your bloggy tour! So excited for tomorrow! Actually it's already Friday here in New Zealand so what are you waiting for??? Release it already :P :P:P Lol jk *hugs* bye

    1. So glad you've enjoyed the ride! :)
      Yeah *sheepish grin* sorry to all you out there who are already into Friday. Guess you'll have to wait an extra day... ;) Have some chocolate and ice cream. :P

  5. SUPER LATE COMMENT buuuut I loved every single post about your book! And this one especially was so much fun to read. Also, I know someone the same type as every character sooo... :D Megan- my sister, Malcolm- my brother, William- me & a best friend, King Frederick- BFF, Princess Christine- brother (again) & one of my mum's Bffs, Steven- another brother (haha yep), and John- another brother plus my mom. lol! sigh... Your characters sound AMAZING. ;)


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