Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 2nd & 3rd: Days One and Two of the Ethiopia Trip

Me on the hotel bed in Dubai
May 2nd:
Well, we are now above the clouds. I didn't want to record anything in my journal before this, because I figured the airport details would probably bore you. I really enjoyed the take-off, and God blessed me by giving me a seat right by the window, so I got to watch us take-off. When we went over the! I still can't believe I'm going to Africa. It's now 6:25 our time, so I may record more in Dubai. See y'all then! :)
May 3rd:

This is the central part of the Dubai hotel. (Compare it to the picture of our 3rd world country hotel in Ethiopia)
This entire central area of the Gurage hotel could probably fit inside the pool area of our Dubai hotel.
By the way, the fountain doesn't work. :)
I have just finished a delicious dinner of various Arabian dishes at the hotel in Dubai. (Including lamb meat and flat bread with humus.) The flight was rather long and uncomfortable, but the customer service, if it's okay to call it that, was excellent. I will make this short because its really my bedtime locally, although morning in our own time. I will try to record more as soon as absolutely possible. By the way, no one has gotten air sick yet! (praise God! :D)

These are some funny looking pigeons we saw in Dubai


  1. Love the pigeon's feathers on their feet. :P

    1. Me too! That's really why I took the picture, so I'm glad someone else enjoyed that as well.


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