Friday, May 17, 2013

May 7th: Day Six of the Ethiopian Trip

Today was the first day of the conference for the pastors of the Gurage area, so we got to meet some of the Bible School students for the first time. We got to meet our family's prayer partner, Banksira Argaw, and my oldest brother's prayer partner, Elias Demese. Hopefully, we will be able to get a lot of pictures of most of the Bible School students, since our church people are praying for them. They seemed to enjoy our flute playing okay, although I could tell it was a little bit different to them.
Natalie and me playing our flutes @ the conference
Tadesse heard from somebody (I won't tell you who, but it wasn't me) that I sang, so he wanted  me to sing, but there was no way I was going to sing up front by myself, so Mrs. Brant offered to sing with me. Bless her! :) Tomorrow, as part of my testimony, I'm going to sing "Father, I Adore You". I might even get Dad to sing the third round with us. That would be really cool.

At the Close of the Day, we went to an Ethiopian restaurant, and were served Ethiopian food, the traditional, Ethiopian way. (With salted coffee!) I wish I could tell you the names of the dishes, but I only know the word for bread, dabo.
Over dinner, when Dad told Asfaw that we home schooled, he was amazed. In Ethiopia, homeschooling is not heard of. It took him a while to understand how the homeschooling process worked. Once dinner was finished, Mrs. Brant took us back to their house, and served us dessert: custard and cookies. We drove from there to the hotel, and went to bed. Got to go! Goodnight!

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