Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Since I really had nothing special to post today...I decided I'd answer the questions Emily made on her blog when she did the Infinity Dreams Tag.
Ya know, just for fun. ;) And why not right?
So here are the questions and my answers:

1. You have been thrown into  Western story! What sort of job would you have in this story and would you find yourself in trouble a lot?
I'd probably end up trying to work as a cook or housekeeper in a ranch house. Maybe I'd hire myself out as a nanny. Something like that. And I'd probably get myself into HEAPS of trouble. :)

2. Time to travel! You can only go to these countries: Germany, Denmark, India, Serbia or Mexico. Where do you go and why?
Denmark would be cool since it's so near Norway. My ancestors came from Norway. Half of them anyways...so it'd be fun to go there and find out some of my family history. :)

3. You are going to travel in the USA for the summer and these are the states you can go to: Georgia, Texas, Utah, Colorado or Missouri. Where do you go and why?
Utah. In hopes of seeing the Piano Guys or maybe some of the Studio C cast. All of them are sadly Mormons, but maybe I could be a witness down there. :)

4. Would you rather fish or hunt turkeys?
Fish on a dock. I love hanging out by water, dangling toes in water and having the warmth of the sun on my back. :)

5. You have been kidnapped by vikings! Do you
  1. Let them push you around and tell you what to do
  2. talk their ears off and drive them crazy or
  3. make best friends with them and join their gang?
Probably "b". Maybe "c" as well if they end up being NICE Vikings... like after I tell them about Jesus and they all become Christians. :)

6. You have the choice between either working with the characters from Star Wars or the characters from Indiana Jones. Who do you choose and why?
Star Wars. Because I've never watched any Indiana Jones movies so I wouldn't know how to work with the characters.

7. Do you prefer animated movies or real movies?
It really all depends on which animated or which real movie we're talking about. I prefer each of them for different reasons. I'll go with real movies as my answer. ;)

8. What’s your favorite Christian movie?
"Runner from Ravenshead", "Couragous", "Facing the Giants" to name a few. The list could go on, but I'll stop now before I get to carried away. ;P

9. If you were to meet one character from any book, movie, TV show, etc. Who would it be and why?
ONE???? Can I just say Jesus? He's in a book, right? Ok, so technically He's not a character...He's a real person. Fine. Oh boy... I'd love to meet one of my own characters, but that hardly counts. I'd love to meet my Mornelly guardian, Breandan. There. That's my answer. B-)

10. Monkeys are attacking your house! Do you call pest control or take care of the monkeys yourself?
I guess it depends on how many monkeys were attacking and what type of monkey. I hate killing or hurting animals, so I'd probably call the pest control.

11. And finally:
If you were to meet one of the disciples of Christ, which one would you want to meet and what three questions would you ask him?
Peter. I'd ask him what it was like to follow Jesus and actually be there watching Him preform all those miracles. I'd ask him why he said the things he did when he shouldn't have. I'd ask him how it felt to be inspired by God to write scripture and how it felt to be one of the authors of the most read book in the world.
So I hope you had as much fun reading my answers as I had writing them. :) Do you have any questions to ask me? Anything that has been nagging you in the back of your mind like "what would Rebekah do if..." or "I wonder what Rebekah's favorite....is?" or anything like that? If so, comment your question and I'll answer it ASAP! :)
Have a blessed day! Use it for God's glory!
God bless! :D


  1. I've watched "Runner from Ravenshead" too. It's so cute yet also so inciteful. Courageous is my favorite too (maybe because I have always been partial to law enforcers. I think they're so heroic!)

    1. <3 Love that movie. ;) The little kids are really good actors/actresses! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh goodness reading your answers were hilarious! Especially the Viking one- I'm cowriting a series of stories with a friend of mine and the current story is about my character getting kidnapped by Vikings, and that's EXACTLY what happens in the story! ;D Except I don't bring them to Christ, my friend does. ;) I instead get to be an honorary Viking and we go on great adventures. :P Thanks for answering these, I was scrolling through my Dashboard and saw it and thought, "Oh these will be great!" :D

    Thanks for posting!

    1. Great minds think alike... B-)Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. I love your reason to go to Utah! :D PIANO GUYS!!! I really can't blame you there.

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers, Rebekah! :) We agree on several things. Haha, I would love to meet all the Mornellys. ;)

    What's you favorite verse from the Old Testament book of Isaiah?
    Which of your siblings do you get along with best?

    1. Isaiah 6:8 is a good verse...right off the top of my head. I could probably think of more, but that will do for now. Oh, wait! I also really love what I call "The Messiah Passage"...*looks up passage* Isaiah 9:6.
      The siblings closest to me in age: namely Max and Margaret. :) But I TRY to get along with all of them. :)

    2. While looking up Isaiah 6:8 I realized I had it highlighted. ;) Yes, I love Isaiah 9:6 too.
      Thanks Rebekah!!

  5. I had a lot of fun reading these! I've also watched all three of the Christian movies you mentioned. (Of course—we're both pastor's kids ;D) Hmm, as far a question for you . . . what is your favorite board game? What are you a master at out of your whole family?

    Yes, I know. Very random. But that's all I could think of at the moment so . . . :)

    1. B-) Yes, we probably have watched a lot of the same movies. ;)
      My favorite board game, currently, (I say this because I'm known to change my answer frequently...) is Sequence. Why? Because I've never lost a game of it. Good reason, right? ;P I don't find a lot of board games that I can win...I'm not a very strategic person so a lot of them (Chess, Risk, Stratego, Clue, etc.) don't work for my way of thinking. I also really like Pandemic.
      What am I a master at out of the whole family? Well, I'm the only one who can play the flute...so I'll give you that. ;)

    2. Very interesting! Thank you for answering my questions!

    3. I had fun answering them! :) So you're welcome. ;)


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