Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Purposeful Pages: October

Greetings foreign beings from distant planets. I come in peace. 

Heeeey guys. My font was doing weird things, so I just felt like writing that. Ignore me. I'm going slightly insane with life craziness and working off of less then seven hours of sleep each night. Six is average. Why? Honestly, I have no idea. Usually I sleep really well at night. But not recently. 
However, on to the introduction! It is time for the monthly purposeful pages post! :) Another round of delightful questions from ma friends Amanda and Hannah! I'm having so much fun with this link-up, and I hate to see you miss out! It's free to join. And free stuff is always awesome. So. Go and join. *shoves you toward blogs*

But now the questions and answers for your enjoyment. *bows*:
1: What is something (or who is someone) that has encouraged you to grow in your faith?
Well, my parents. (Duh) But there are also quite a few godly couples at my church who have been both an example and an encouragement to me as I try to follow God with my life. 
2: Has blogging showed a side of you that you normally don’t see? 
Not really. Except that I'm waaaay more outgoing with brand new people on here then in real life. And posts are a LITTLE more rehearsed then on the spot conversation. But otherwise, I write on here how I talk to friends. (I don't talk internet lingo out loud though...I use words. REAL words.)
3: What inspires your “creative genius?”
First of all, I'd like to thank you for saying I have creative genius...that was really sweet. Secondly, I'd like to mention that you didn't need to use quotation marks. Thirdly, let me answer your question in one word: everything. Really, everything in life inspires me whether I'm writing, playing one of my musical instruments, or creating a work of art. (Yes, I do draw sometimes. But don't ask me to show you any of my "art" THAT does require quotation marks.) 
4: Why do you write?
Because I love too. (Yes, FINALLY a simple question that I could answer easily!) 
5: Your house is on fire, and you only have time to save one thing. Do you grab your hand-written manuscripts or your cat? 
Assuming all my family was safely outside already, I would grab my briefcase. (It holds my Bible, a notebook, my laptop, my iPad, and my Kindle. I know, that's ALMOST like cheating on this question.)
6: If you could ban any book, which one would it be, and why?
BAN any book? Oh heavens, I have no idea. "The Origin of Species"? There's a lot of terrible books out there. Only one wouldn't make that much of a difference.
7: What is your Myers-Briggs personality type (if you know it), and what unique aspect of your personality makes you who you are?
I'm an ESFP (extroverted, sensing, feeling, perceiver). My strongest function is extroverted sensing, which is how I collect information. Forgive me if I'm getting to technical with you, but basically, extroverted sensers collect information from things going on around them, through trial and error, and from other people's mistakes. 
Also, I'm an introverted feeler. I don't express my deeper feelings out loud (which is why I don't usually cry during movies or while reading...so if I ever say I cried during a sad part of something you've written, that is a HUGE compliment coming from me.) However, I do feel things strongly, I just might not show it. You'll mostly see my chipper, everything-will-work-out-for-the-best side on here, but I can express my feelings better by writing them down, so you might come across that side of me at some point. Take this as a warning. ;) 
I'm also an extroverted thinker...so even if my "T" wasn't strong enough to make it into my personality, it's still there because there's a little bit of each function in us. It's just the strongest four that make up our type. So, because my thinking function is extroverted, and my feeling introverted, to most people I might seem like the "T" is actually a stronger function because I'll tell you my opinions and I love discussing things with other people whether I agree with them or not. But I'm more of a people person then most ESTPs and if you need a comforting shoulder to cry on, I'd be the better choice. 
Good grief, I should just write a book about my personality type! Sorry guys, I got carried away. I'm a talker, could you tell? Hopefully something in that long winded rant was an answer to the question.
8: Did you have any kind of “breakthrough” point in your life, whether it had to do with writing, blogging, art, or anything else? If so, would you like to share about it?
This is going to sound a little ridiculous, but at fourteen, I had NO IDEA that were other teen authors out there. When I first began my blog at that age, I felt very alone and completely at a loss as to how on earth I would get my stories out and available to the public eye. When I found other young authors, I was ecstatic! A lot of them had blogs and I joined the teen author community on here and have grown as a blogger and author since then. You all have been not only a huge encouragement to me, but you have posted tips about writing troubles you've had to overcome and countless other helpful stuff! I'm so grateful to you all and thrilled to call you my friends. ^_^
9: Are there any hobbies that you have that don’t fit the stereotypical you?
Absolutely: writing. I'm terrible at focusing on one thing at a time, and ESFPs rarely choose to write as something fun to do. BUT I AM GOING TO CHANGE THE HISTORY OF ALL ESFPS AND PROVE THE STEREOTYPE WRONG! Heh, heh. Yeah, well I'm going to TRY. ;) 
10: Even if you haven’t written an official life purpose statement, can you tell us in a few sentences what you feel called to do with your life right now?
I'm currently in what I like to call "the waiting room" years. I've finished high school, I'm not starting college until at least January, I'm not in a relationship with anyone...really, I'm just hanging out at home, helping my mom with homeschooling, editing my book and books by friends, reading, blogging, and cool stuf...like sleeping. I have no idea what God wants me to do with my life, but I will be ready to do it when He gives me the green light. 
Hopefully that answers your question. :) 


I LOVE COMMENTS. But be warned, if your comment is impolite, contains swear words, or is disrespectful of God, I will kill it. Just kidding. ;)
(Seriously though...it WILL DIE.)

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