Friday, May 6, 2016

A Quote Tag: Part One

Probably you have all seen this tag on other blogs, but this is the first time I've done it, and it looked fun. So I decided to give it a try. :) A huge thank you to Abigayle! (You guessed it, this is the first rule. ;)

And now for the rest of the rules (after you thank me ;):
>>Nominate 3 new bloggers everyday
>>Post a new quote everyday for 3 consecutive days

Here's my quote:

I chose this quote mostly because it's kind of how I want to look at life. Like it says in Philippians 4:8, we Christian's should focus on the positive, godly aspect of life...and therefore not obsess over all the negative things that so easily come to mind when we're going through hardships.
Some of us, (like me), have an easier time being mostly positive, but even we have "bad days". Everyone does. Unfortunately.
I gave this quote my own twist, but since it wasn't entirely original, I stuck the original above...but here's mine:
This is something we really need to keep in mind as we go about our happy, Christian lives. Actually, we had a guest speaker at our church this last Sunday whose name was Joel Beeke (Dad got a day off! :) and he talked about how usually God chooses to help our faith grow through three things: apparent silence, apparent rejection, and apparent insult. Like going through a long tunnel helps us appreciate light more, so troubles help us appreciate God's grace when He answers our prayers in such unexpected ways. Jesus saved us from having to actually have God be silent towards us, and reject us, and insult us, by taking all that on Himself when He died on that cross. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, that we experience on life is ANYTHING like what Jesus expericend on the cross. We can only stand in awe of His everlasting love that was willing to go through that for us.

Ok, sermon over. ;) I'm sorry, being a pastor's kid means you tend to go on and on about things you feel strongly about. It's in your blood. :)

Annnnd here's who I tag!:
Sarah Eddy from A Well Cultivated Mind
Jonathan Trout from Fishing for Ideas
Jesseca from A Kansas Wind

Have fun! And come back tomorrow to find out what quote, and who I'm tagging, in part two! ;)


  1. I like both quotes! They present some different and encouraging perspectives!
    The picture for that last one is very stunning too. Did you take it?

    1. Unfortunately, no. (Google takes that credit ;). I thought it fit the "quote" perfectly, so I used it. :) Glad you found it as encouraging as I did! ^_^

  2. Oh coolio looks like fun! Thanks for tagging me! :)
    (and yes it is indeed in our blood... XD)

    1. You're very welcome. I will now haunt your blog until you post. ;)
      B-) Yes, we PKs understand... ;)

  3. I love BOTH the quotes, Rebekah! So encouraging!! ^_^ And a hearty amen to that what you said about PKs – it's definitely in the blood. ;)

    1. Glad to encourage. That was my intent. ;)
      *high five* Here's to the PK blood! XD


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