Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hey, I'm BACK!!!!


Yes, I've been absent from anything internet since Sunday.
Yes, that's NOT normal.
Yes, I just spent the last hour catching up on all YOUR blog posts and commenting on them.
Yes, I missed you but not that much.
Yes, it's good to be back.

I was on vacation. From Monday to Friday at Seaside, Oregon. AND IT WAS AWESOME.
After all, the ocean was a hundred feet from our rented house, I had enough books to keep me occupied, an iPhone AND iPod with music to listen to, and shopping opportunities galore. What else to keep me happy?
We went with a missionary family our church has been supporting for the last couple years...and why? More on that in the actual vacation post COMING SOON IN 2016!! (It'll be on Monday...or Tuesday...or sometime next week)
It was nice to take some time off, relax by the seashore, play my ukulele down by the waves (because the ukulele and sand BELONG TOGETHER), and finish some of the books that have been on my to-read list for WAY too long.
Anyways, it's nice to be back. Hopefully you haven't been too worried over my absence. ;)
Tune in next week for a special post! B-)

Now I leave you on pins and needles. ;)


  1. Wow! Honestly that description of your trip makes me want to go relax so bad! :) Sounds so fun and relaxing!!!

    1. It was! Well, as relaxing as a vacation with a family of energetic siblings can be. ;)

  2. *crashes through ceiling* BETCHA WEREN'T EXPECTING TO SEE ME SO BOO. XD The cabin in Vegas ended up having Wi-Fi so I shall still be supervising *cough* the blogosphere to make sure everything remains sane. *nods sagely* But I will definitely be stalking to hear about this trip to Oregon with a ukulele... XD

    1. Ah! Ok, I was NOT expecting that.
      Not unplugging from the internet during vacation, eh? Tsk, tsk.
      Glad to still have you around...I'll make sure I keep my posts sane. ;) You never can tell with a ukulele.....

  3. Welcome back, Rebekah! Looking forward to the vacation posts. :)


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