Thursday, May 12, 2016

Favorite Things Tag

I know what you're thinking... "WHAT?!?!?! Another tag??? When will the torture stop??!" Ok, so maybe not those exact words...but I bet I'm close. ;)
However, not to boast, I think you're going to enjoy this one. ^_^ After all, you get to see ten of my favorite things, and then tell me which of my favorite things are also some of your favorite things! It's going to be FUN.
(I thought I should probably mention that God and family are not on my list of favorite things only because I knew that they were the obvious first yes, they are favorite things, but I'm not putting them in the list. On purpose.)
Now, this wasn't really a rule *shock* But I'm going to thank the person who tagged me anyway...because I'm just that nice. ;) Thanks Faith! :D (You know how much I love tags. :)
The Rules:
>>Write down ten of your favorite things. 
>>Tag at least three others!
Here's the list:
1: Friends
You guys are just so awesome. *gives giant hug* Seriously, what would life be without you there to give hugs and encouragement when I'm feeling down. :) I can't begin to name all of you wonderful people who help me through all the tough things life hands out. know who you are. ^_^ 

2: Books
What can I say? They're awesome. Books are a HUGE part of my life. Every day I'm either readin' 'em or writin' 'em. Besides which, they're awesome. A day isn't complete without having read anything or written anything. And have I mentioned how awesome they are??

3: Music
Ranked up there with books, I don't think I could live without music. Not only is it a great  way to send one off to dreamland, but also it eases the monotony of math equations and science modules if you can listen to it while solving the problems of the universe. Granted, I don't enjoy listening to ALL music, but I enjoy a large variety. I'd give you a list of my favorite artists, but knowing me, that could take a whole blog post just by itself....or maybe a whole page up at the top. Which I might consider at some point, but not right now. ;)

4: Good movies
Here's another place I could go on and on with a whole list of favorites within the favorite thing. But I will refrain from doing so, mostly because my favorite movies are ALL good movies in my opinion...and my favorite list changes every time I watch more movies. :) So, yeah. Enough said there.

5: Awesome quotes
A few for your enjoyment from my stash of favorites: (I took out the ones that I used in the quote tag, but those are also favorites)


6: Jean skirts
Because which homeschooled girl DOESN'T like jean skirts?? ;) Ok, if you don't like jean skirts and you're a homeschooled girl, don't answer that question because I most certainly WILL might judge you.

7: Cool summer evenings
Those nights when you've been spending most of the day busily doing nothing in particular, and finally have some time to yourself outside swatting mosquitoes watching a gorgeous sunset behind trees and getting inspired to write another chapter in your book. And you wonder why I like summer best of all the seasons? Well, now you know. It's because there isn't any school during those three wonderful months. Oh, and my birthday happens. That's always a plus. ;)

8: Flip-flops

Summer = flip-flop wearing days = YES PLEASE!!!!!!
Trip to the beach = excuse to wear flip-flops
"I'll use them to throw on during an emergency" = excuse I give my mom so I can keep my flip-flops close to me during fall and winter
I love my flip-flops. ^_^
9: Ice-cream
What's not to like? Ice cream is probably my favorite dessert. But it's a hard choice, and will probably change several times. However, ice cream is definitely up there in my top ten favorite yeah. Who doesn't like ice cream? (Again, I wouldn't recommend disagreeing with me on this one because I will most definitely might judge you.)

10: Blogging
 And last, but certainly not least, I love blogging. It's not only a fun way to connect with people who you wouldn't know otherwise...but a wonderful way to reach out to others and encourage them either (in my case) with writing, or letting people know that they aren't the only ones who struggle with life.
And besides, all of you guys make my day any time I read your blog posts or see you comment on my blog posts. It's just fun. :)

To conclude this post, I'll give you who I tag and then haunt my blog until someone comments. B-)

Here's who I tag:
Bethany from A Great God and Good Cocoa
Jonathan from Fishing for Ideas
Jesseca from Whimsical Writings
Addyson from I Am Addyson


  1. This was fun to read! I'm right there with you on all of them, but especially music, flip-flops (the one year-round shoe), ice cream, and jean skirts! I can never get enough of any of those! :)

    1. I can say with pride that I have worn flip-flops in EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF WEATHER. Ok, so not tornadoes or hurricanes. Yet. But every basic weather condition (sunshine, rain, hail, snow, overcast, etc.)
      They are pretty awesome. High five to another jean skirt fanatic! ^_^

  2. I guess you better start judging me! Though I did USED to like denim skirts. :)
    Ah yes, friends, books, ice cream, music!! Great favorites of mine. They would all have to make my list of favorite things.
    Fun post Rebekah! You have been rather taggy recently!

    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk...oh, you USED to, did you? Well, I suppose that's good enough. ;)
      We share a lot in common! ^_^ Yes I have been, through no fault of my own. ;)

  3. I had fun reading your answers, Rebekah! :)
    I definitely agree with you on books. They are just wonderful!
    Good movies are another great thing. ;)
    I love jean skirts!!! :D They are definitely the best. ;) Plus you can wear them with pretty much any kind of shirt. ;)

    1. Great minds think alike, right? ;) Yep, jean skirts are awesome. :)

  4. All great favorites! I agree with...all of them! :D Love the quotes. Oh, yes, denim skirts are wonderful. :) And flip-flops – I LOVE THOSE LITTLE FLOPPY SHOES!!! XD

  5. Another fun post, Rebekah!
    Have to agree on books! And I love ice cream. And music, though I don't listen to it as much as I used to. Too busy, I guess.
    Sorry, summer is my least favorite season. I don't like the heat and humidity, the mosquitoes like me way too well, and, . . . well, I just don't like it. :) I'd rather have fall. :)

    1. In Washington summer isn't bad heat wise. That's probably why its a favorite. Yes, mosquitoes are pretty bad...but yeah, I think with everything else going for it, summer could be worse. Fall is my second favorite season...but up here in Western Washington we tend to get a lot of rain during those months. Good weather for reading and writing though! ;)


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