Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Star Wars Day

Since I just couldn't resist... ;) I saw Bethany post about this awesome day on her blog, so I decided to answer the questions she asked on HER post in my own post honoring this theatrical milestone in the movie world. :)

Do you like Star Wars?
Yep. Though, like in most movies, there are things I don't a whole Star Wars is a pretty good movie.

 Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek?

Never watched Star Trek, (don't shoot me Star Trek fans!!) so obviously Star Wars. 

 Which Star Wars movies have you watched?

The first six. 

 Have you read any of the Star Wars books?

I've read these books. And they're awesome. :)
Favorite excerpt:                           
Vader:                                         -No, I am thy father.
Luke:   Nay, 'tis not true! It is impossible!
Vader: Pray, search thy feelings, Luke. Thou knowest it
            Is true.
Luke:                        -Nay!

 Which is your favorite movie?
The fourth episode. By far. No other ones even come close. (Forgive the Kung Fu Panda just came out ;)

 If you have watched The Force Awakens, did you enjoy it?
Why or why not?
I have not yet laid mine eyes to the plot therin, so no spoilers I beg of thee. (Shakespearian English is catchy.)

 If you have watched The Force Awakens, what were your thoughts on Kylo Wren?
I've only seen pictures, and by those (and various comments from other bloggers and friends...I won't mention names) I gather that he's a creepy villain indeed.

 Who are your top favorite characters out of the movies?
In the following order:
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mace Windu
Han Solo
Darth Vader (don't judge)
Luke Skywalker (the Jedi knight)
Are my favorite characters.

 Who are your least favorite characters out of the movies?
In the following order:
Darth Sidieous
Darth Maul
And all the other bad guys

 What are your thoughts on Jar-Jar Binks?
*no comment*
*takes back the silence*
He's annoying. That's all I'm going to say. *puts hand over mouth*

And now, it's your turn! You answer the questions!

And May the 4th be with you all! :)

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  1. I had fun reading your answers and am so glad that you decided to do a post out of them! I won't answer the questions because you obviously already saw them on my blog. lol

    I had fun reading!


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