Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Novel Idea Link-Up

I saw Lydia do this on her blog, and I thought it looked fun! The hosts' blogs are HERE (Ashley) and HERE (Sky) if you want to check out their blogs and join us in the link-up! 
But now...without further ado, here's the prompt they gave:

My Writing Style:
Hmm...I would say I have a very casual writing style. This is partially why it's hard for me to write historical fiction. I hate it when I open a book that's historical fiction only to realize "Wait, actual people in that era would NEVER act or talk like that", and so I tend to try avoiding being a hypocrite and writing characters who act like teens in the 20teens when they're SUPPOSED to act like teens in the 19 or 18 hundreds. I have to do a lot of research if I do end up writing historical fiction.
Some of you know I'm currently working on a Medieval historical fiction novel "The Princess & I". This is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. I've had to do a lot of research as well as asking myself every time a character says something "Would a person in that time period ACTUALLY say something like that?" or "How would a REAL princess act in that situation?" etc. It's hard work writing historical fiction and requires a LOT of a totally insane amount. But the finished product is totally worth it. ;)

What I Like to Write:
I enjoy writing pretty much anything. In fact, since I homeschool, my mom finally declared that reading and writing no longer counted as school subjects because I would constantly use the excuse "but it's SCHOOL work" to get out of having to do math or science. English and Literature were the two easiest, most fun "school work" in all my school years.
I'm going to let you in on a secret: I actually enjoy writing essays. I know, crazy, right? Well, it can be fun depending on the subject. Some essay subjects can be depressing and sad to write about, but since my sister helped give me the prompts, I had way more fun ones than sad ones.
Non-fiction can be tedious at times, but you learn a lot while writing it. Though, considering most of the stuff I write on this blog is "non-fiction" I write it a lot. :)
Fiction: Ok, this stuff is easy. I could crank out fiction 24/7 and never run out of steam by simply working on different stories at different times. However, there are a few categories within fiction that are favorites of mine:
Fantasy: This is definitely number one on the list of stuff I write most often. Over half the stories I've written, whether short stories, novellas, or novels, are fantasy. Its fun, fascinating, and totally out of the imagination. No research needed folks! However, there are some drawbacks. Fiction tends to be inconsistent and authors can fall into ruts pretty easily. I speak, sadly, from experience. It's a problem. Yet I still enjoy writing it, and thanks to patient editors and family members, I'm slowly getting better and polishing my work.
Sci-Fi: Though I haven't written as much of this, I enjoy what I have written. Like fantasy, it's an easy genre to write because it's almost entirely out of your imagination. There is a bit more science involved behind sci-fi, but still it's fairly easy to build a story using the background of galaxies and space travel.
Historical Fiction: Like I mentioned above, this is probably the hardest genre for me to write. It takes patience, a lot of books from the library, and a ton of Googling. But after you see the finished project, and all that research pays off, it's totally worth every agonizing hour you spend trying to figure out how to tie in all the loose ends and straighten the bird's nest of plot details.
Modern: I'm not sure what the actual name for this genre is, but when I say "modern writing" or "modern fiction", I mean writing about people who could have lived today. Every day people with everyday lives who talk like us, act like us, and think like us. Up there with fantasy, it's an easy (at least for me) genre to write about. It's so much easier to write about people who wear the same things you do and live in the same place you live. It is. It just is. you want to join the link-up? If so, go ahead and click the links to Ashley and Sky's blog to learn how you can participate.

What are your favorite genres to write/read about?


  1. I like reading anything. LIKE GIMME ALL THE BOOKS PUH-LEASE. (ok and you know when I say 'anything' romance IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT included like that's just common knowledge. *nodnod*) And writing... hmmm... well my WIP in action/adventure abut I also have that fantasy novel I'm writing...

    1. Yeah, same here. And that includes your feelings on romance. *rolls eyes* Seriously. Whoever invented romance should really get a life....Oh wait, God did in the garden of Eden.
      Ok, so I think romance should at least wait until after you're married...and then only in small amounts. Too much EVER is unhealthy, and that can be said for pretty much any genre.

  2. Oh, I loved this post!!! I always enjoy learning about what people like to write the best. ;)
    AND YES! Mom told me the past two years or so of my school life that writing, reading and even history no longer counts as school. I finished history early, and started my way through college history textbook. . .she wouldn't let me count it. ;P And I agree with the essay thing! The only time I don't like it is when you have to write about the presidential candidates in the upcoming election. Then it just gets depressing. :P
    My favorite genre to read and write is historical fiction, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. B-) I LOVE all the research and everything, though sometimes it can get tedious. ;)

    1. Glad you enjoyed. :)
      I know, right? Yeah, history was another easy one for me too...well, the older the history the better I was at it. Modern history is kind of depressing like you said. I usually give up after WWII.
      WHAT?!?!? No WAY!!! I DID NOT KNOW! (Sarcasm drips like honey) I figured that might be your answer. ;)

  3. Fun post, Rebekah. :)
    And here's a quick tip about writing historical fiction: read a LOT of books that were actually written and published during the that time. You'll not only get a better feel for how people talked, you'll soon discover things that they did and what they would have thought. It also helps make your story sound "authentic." :)

    1. Oh, thanks for the tip! I'll definitely put it into practice! Any excuse to read more books! ;)


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