Monday, June 6, 2016

Awesome Randomness

This is seriously what our sky looks like right now.

Hey all. Today I've been enjoying the coming of summer and basking in the afterglows of winning first place in the Writer's Unite contest.
Just a few minutes ago I was freezing my mouth off with a cherry-pineapple popsicle and getting a sunburn that will dissolve into freckles eventually while walking around outside with the temperature in the upper eighties. It's a reminder to me that summer is almost here. And I can hardly wait. ;) 
On top of that, I'm between books and taking a break from writing, so I had a somewhat lazy afternoon with nothing important to do.

So I thought I'd write a blog post. And here I am. :)

Update on my life:
My younger brother just got his wisdom teeth out, so I've been imparting my life experience on him. "Oh, I didn't bother taking pain medications after the first three days", "I watched all of 'Pride & Prejudice' when I was bed-ridden like you are now", "Whoa, you actually swelled...are swollen? Swollened? Aw, forget it, you know what I mean". Etc. Oh, and telling everyone about MY wisdom teeth extraction experience.
Dad put together a graduation slideshow for my ceremony next week, and we're working on getting it onto YouTube so that I can eventually post it here for you all!
Yesterday, even though Sunday's are usually busy for us, was more busy than usual. After the morning service, I went out with my parents and Dad's parents to celebrate my coming graduation. They gave me a beautiful pair of earrings and I had a great time just talking and spending a special time with them all. Then, that night, we had a bunch of church family come home with us after the evening service to play volleyball, basketball, football, and eat s'mores. It was SO FUN.
Today was our first normal day since the craziness of May, and I've been enjoying ironing while listening to podcasts and soundtrack music, getting our laundry under control, and free time. It's been great.

Besides all that, I've been reading, writing, checking fellow blogs, and trying to catch up on e-mails and letters to my poor, patient pen/e-mail pals.

Now, to keep this post strictly random, I'll give you favorite scenery pictures from Cannon Beach and a fun video.
Patrick + bare feet + sand = summer! :)

I just love the reflection!!

This will probably end up being
the cover picture for my story
"Ocean Mist". What do you think?

This picture didn't do the reality justice.
The rays of sun coming out of the
clouds was simply gorgeous.

Rocks and water. Because. ;)

Check out the birds flying in hundreds
above and around the rock.

"Silhouettes in the Sand"
If I was good enough to sell my photography,
that would be this picture's title.

And now for a video that has never ceased to give me amusement. I hope, if you aren't already smiling, you will now. :)
These siblings created a whole YouTube channel, and I highly recommend their content. Not only are they homeschoolers, but also Christians and very family oriented. Sit back and enjoy a laugh. ;)


  1. Looks like tons of fun! Congrats on graduating, I graduated this year as well. I had my wisdom teeth out about two years ago :P Fun times.

    1. It was! :) Oh, thanks! Hey cool! Another 2016 graduate! Awesomeness. Thanks for the comment Lauren! ^_^

  2. LOVE these pictures!! And I also love lazy days. Not getting too many of them this summer, though... ;P BUT. They're so awesome!
    And that video was hilarious! I think my favorite Jostie Flicks video is the one where two people meet at a park bench and their friend tried to set them up, but they refuse to be put together. Than the video goes to years later and they meet again at the same park bench and their like "yep, still going sting". xD

    1. Oh, I've seen that one! Yes, it's definitely a favorite. :) Have you ever seen the movie they made "Little Jake and Harry"? It. Is. Totally. Awesome. Check it out! :P

  3. Nice pics! and I love that video. That's one of my favorite's that the Jost's have. :D

  4. I LOVE the pictures! Silhouettes and sunsets are a favourite of mine :)


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