Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lady Wisdom

Since the beginning of this year, our family has been reading through Proverbs on a (almost) daily basis. (Some mornings are just too busy to have our family all corralled in the living room, ACTUALLY SITTING DOWN, and quiet for a whole twenty minutes [sometimes more] while Dad reads a chapter, talks about it [because he's a pastor and that's what pastor's DO] and then we all pray around in a circle.)
As part of our tradition, we all ask for wisdom as part of our prayer at the end along with "please heal so-and-so" and "thank you for such-and-such" etc.
So wisdom has been on my mind on a regular basis. So I decided to write a poem about it. :) (Since that's what I do if something is on my mind on a regular basis...when it's not a story idea that is. ;)
Annnnnd, you wouldn't believe it, but I decided to share it with you all. (Go ahead, feel special. ;)
This poem is based on different passages in Proverbs, but especially the end of chapter six, chapter seven, and chapter eight.
As you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, I call this poem:

Lady Wisdom:
Written by Rebekah Eddy, PK

She calls out loud upon the street,
Begging us to hear
Her words of wisdom, oh so sweet
"The LORD is who to fear!"

She'll give us something greater
Than silver or fine gold
Don't put it off 'til later,
Or wait until you're old.

Her way is right and truthful
She'll never tell a lie.
Your life will then be fruitful
Up until you die.

But only if you listen
To her warning word,
Or the tears will glisten
If you are absurd.

"Listen please!" she calls,
"Do not leave just yet!
You might take a fall,
One you won't forget...

"For Lady Crooked also hopes
To trap you in her net
In her alleyway she mopes
And closer fools get.

"She flutters her dark eyes
And in sweet and silky voice
To help with her disguise
Says, 'You're my only choice.'

"Beware of her false way!
She lies through pretty teeth
And you will all soon pay,
For death is right beneath!

"She leads them in the dark
And like a stupid ox
They think that it's a lark
When taken by a fox.

"I beg you to avoid
The trouble that she makes
Don't become so paranoid
Lady Crooked only fakes.

"But I beg you hear me!
It will be for your best.
My wisdom to all is free,
In that you safely rest.

"Your chances are still good,
And if you apply
My wisdom will then could
Be a steadfast ally!

"And so to you I will say
Most blessed is he
Who won't start any day
Without asking for me."

For those of you wondering what's taking me so long for the book review: relax. I'm working on it. ;) Now that I know which book I'm going to be reviewing (Worlds Unseen is the one by the way, in case you didn't check the stats recently) I'll have the review up by next week.
Is it just me, or is this month going by every bit as fast as May did??


  1. '[because he's a pastor and that's what pastor's DO]' <<< truth right there
    But great job with the poem! :)
    OKAY WHAT everyone is against me I DIDN'T VOTE FOR THAT BOOK EITHER. XD Oh well. Actually did I? *checks stats* Okay well now I don't remember so *shrug* XD

    1. Pastor's make awesome dads...just saying. B-)
      And thanks, I do my best. ;)
      Just pretend you did vote for it so you feel happier. That's what I did. :)

  2. Nice poem!! :D
    Your good at poems! I on the other hand......
    Lets just say literature and stuff is not my forte. ;)

    Oh, and it's not just you, this month is going just as fast if not faster for me too! Yikes!!

    1. Aw, that's so sweet of you to say that. :) Thank you! :)
      I'm glad it's not just me...I thought for a second that I must be getting old. Or something.

  3. Thaaaat poem. Wowsers. Seriously, Rebekah, you are so talented. Your poems are absolutely beautiful. ^_^ Have you ever considered putting together a book of your poems for publication?

    Looking forward to your review! And, yes, June is flying by just as fast as May I believe. >_< Grrrr. And I can totally relate to the 'that's what pastors do' thing. XD

    1. Thank you so much! ^_^ I have considered it, but I'll probably wait until I've written a few more. :)
      I thought the other PKs would be able to relate. ;)

  4. Beautiful poem, Rebekah! You're so great at putting the words just right... ahhhhhhh! :D


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