Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pet Peeve Post (Take Two)

TWO alliterations in that title folks. Yes, I'm FINALLY posting the next part...which contain a few of my very TOP pet peeves. (And may gain me some flack from people because I'm not going to be politically correct.)


Annnnnd... I probably just offended those people with that warning. Bother.

For ease of reading, I'm going to give you five serious pet peeves, and then end the post with some "this is probably just my quirkiness, but..." peeves which will leave you with a smile. (Hopefully.)
*rubs hands together* Lets get started, shall we?

The Serious Ones:

1> Abortion:
This is probably THE biggest pet peeve of mine. Killing matter how downright murder. And no, it's not just tissue and a collection of cells. Those are precious lives. Life begins from conception.

2> The Theory of Evolution:
Open your eyes and look around you! Just like a bunch of bricks, mortar, and dynamite don't create a school when blown up, so our amazing world wasn't created with a few cells that exploded. Only an intelligent Creator could make all this.

3> Hypocrisy:
Easy as it is to be the world's best older sister at church or out in public, I find myself being a hypocrite. To be brutally honest about myself, I can be both bossy and a total control freak at home. I've yelled at younger siblings, and torn family members down with my words. Yet, every Sunday I can smile and act as if I'm the perfect PK everyone expects me to be.
I have to convict myself into acting better at home...and slowly and surely with God's help I think I have been. Hypocrisy bothers me whether it's me or another person.

4> Manipulation:
This is actually something I don't do much myself...although I have caught myself in the act before. It really irritates me when people try to use manipulation on me, and tends to influence my response in the OPPOSITE way.

5> The idea that our world is over populated:
Guys, I think God would do something if our planet was in danger of getting over populated. Take a deep breath and relax. It's ok to have ten kids. The polar bears will survive.

Maybe it's just me...but it bothers me when:
6> People don't wash their hands before baking something:
It doesn't matter if you think the germs will cook out in the oven...WASH THEM ANYWAYS.

7> People read over my shoulder:
If I want you to read what I'm reading/writing...I'll let you know. Otherwise don't. Just don't.
If you value your life...

8> People text while driving:
Kill us all why don't you? This can't be so important you have to endanger everyone around you as well as yourself. Shut it off and focus. Please.

*cough* Not that I'm picking on any ONE movie in PARTICULAR
9> Movies don't follow the book:
Why create a movie "based" on a book unless you plan on having it FOLLOW the book. Seriously, some of the movies out there are like: "So you used the title and the character names...but what on earth did your movie's plot have to do with the book's plot??" It's worse when it's a book you really loved.

10> People think Christmas music should only be listened to/played during the last half of November and December (and MAYBE the first half of January. Maybe.):
So...why are we only allowed to celebrate our Savior's birth for six weeks? We sing Easter songs all year, why not Christmas songs? (Besides, "Joy to the World" was originally written about the SECOND me. And if you don't, Google it.) 

11> I'm told "Happy Holidays":
What should make Christmas and New Years Day the "happy holidays"? Why not tell people "happy holiday" on St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day or the 4th of July? Christmas ain't the only holiday. (Thank goodness. 'Cause if Easter hadn't happened we'd be in a heap of trouble.)

12> People think teenagers have their life planned:
Maybe we have no idea what our future has in store? And possibly we're tired of people asking us who we're planning on marrying or what college (if any) we're going to attend?

13> I read/watch anything in the Romance genre:
a) Kissing shouldn't require a whole scene or page. b) The descriptions are completely unnecessary. Please. Spare us the awkwardness. And c) why does the best looking guy always end up with the best looking girl? That is SO not reality. Cut the cliché.

14> The pictures on a wall are crooked:
Could...could I just straighten that please? Otherwise I probably won't be able to focus on what you're saying to me.
(I'm not OCD, but things aren't symmetrical and SHOULD be, or are crooked when they SHOULDN'T distracts me.)

15> People assume extroverts are flirting when they talk to people of the opposite gender:
I'm usually a bold person, but my biggest insecurity is what other people think of me. So I will avoid situations where I have to talk to guys. You want to know why? Because I'm afraid people...either the guy I happen to be talking to or the people seeing us talk together...will assume that I'm flirting when that is literally the LAST thing on my mind. I MIGHT just enjoy his company as a friend. #mindblown

16> People dye thier hair:
Guys, you look better in the hair color God gave you. Just saying. I think after creating a whole universe, you can trust that He knew what hair color would go best with your complexion.

17> There's rude humor in books/movies/media:
Any movie looses a star in my personal rating if it contains rude humor...even if there's only a little bit. The more there is, the lower it stands in my esteem. Movies are the worst (especially kids movies) but there are books that have it too, and they also go lower in rating the more they have. There's also gifs and memes that use rude humor. When those scroll by on my Pinterest feed, I just keep scrolling. They aren't even worth a second glance.

And there you have it. I finally posted it. After like what...four months? Something like that. But I did it. Now it's your turn: are any of these pet peeves also pet peeves of yours? Any ones to add? Give YOUR top 5 pet peeves in a comment below! :)


  1. I loved reading this post! It was so fun. :) The overpopulation one was funny. :) And for me as well, having someone read over my shoulder when I'm reading or writing is DEFINITELY going to annoy me.....
    And the flirting one.... Oh boy, hadn't even thought of that *quickly thinks back to any possible situations where intentions could have been mistaken* But I'm mostly in a Christian environment when I'm talking to any friends who are guys, so I think I'm good... Hopefully..... ;)
    Another big pet peeve of kind is when people ask me "what are you reading?" when I'm IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOOD BOOK!! *sigh*.... ;)

    1. Thank you! I was a little worried about stepping on toes after reading the published version. This post came across a bit harsher than was I'm glad you were able to enjoy it!! ^_^ That WAS my goal. ;)

      Oh yes!! That's another pet peeve of mine as well! *groan*

  2. Ok, for me, the first 4 go without saying. But #6, YES. I drive my sister nuts with that XD 7, slightly.12, OMW YES. 13 is huge.15, *eyeroll* yes.
    I enjoyed this Rebekah! :D

    1. Yay!! Like I mentioned in my reply to Tirzah, I was a little worried about coming across I'm glad you found it fun and enjoyable! :) Thanks for your positive comment Kaitlyn! :D

  3. Replies
    1. I laughed when I saw you posted two comments R. XD Glad you enjoyed! ^_^

  4. "The polar bears will survive..." hahahaha!!! Love it!!


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