Friday, December 23, 2016

Ten Lords A-Leaping: My Top 5 Christmas Books

Almost done guys...just two more days. I think you'll survive. ;)
Today, I'm bringing you my top five favorite Christmas books. This was surprisingly hard to do because I just realized I don't read all that many Christmas stories. (And it would be weird to put down my Christmas stories that I've written as, yeah.) I will refrain from using "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" again, since I did put that down as a favorite Christmas movie...but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless since it IS a good book as well as a good movie. :)

Now onto the top 5 Christmas books. :)

5: "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens
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Not only a classic tale, but one that was both original and well-written. Charles Dickens is a favorite author of mine, so of course one of his books should make it into this list. :) It's a famous story for a reason.

4: "Star of Light" by Patricia St. John
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The author of "Treasures of the Snow" brings a new Christmas tale to her collection. The story of a brother's love for his blind sister which makes him escape from a wicked stepfather and loving mother, to find a village missionary who says she never turns anyone away. While keeping an eye on his beloved sister from a safe distance, Hamid bit-by-bit hears the Christmas story and comes to believe in this Savior of all men. Despite almost losing his sister multiple times, his faith only grows stronger as he strives to protect the people he loves. 

3: "Christmas with Anne: and Other Holiday Stories"
by L. M. Montgomery
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If you want to curl up in a chair and read a book that makes you feel Christmassy, this is the one for you. :) I love Montgomery's style, her characters, and her stories. Each story in this book is unique and loveable. ^_^

2: "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott
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Maybe not exactly a Christmas story, but it sort of give me a break. Who's making these posts anyways? It's an awesome book. So there.

And my NUMBER ONE favorite Christmas book:
"The Gospel of Luke" (from the Bible)  
co-authored by Luke and God ;) 
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Was there any doubt? I mean, this book contains THE Christmas story that we read every year while surrounded by shreds of wrapping paper and siblings. It's the story that inspired all other Christmas stories. And, to top it all off, its main character is the reason we celebrate Christmas each year. 

Well? What do you all think of my top 5 Christmas reads? Any you haven't read? Any you might add to my list? Hope you have a fantastic day!! 



  1. I haven't read "Christmas with Anne" but it sounds fun. Thanks for sharing this list. I could give you a whole list of Christmas books that I love, but you wouldn't have time to read them all. :)

    1. Oh it is! :) You're welcome!
      You underestimate my power... B-)

  2. Wow, I've read hardly any of these! I've read the Christmas story in Luke. :)
    Also, several years ago for school I had a part of "A Christmas Carol" in my literature book that I read. :)

    1. Haha! I was pretty sure MOST of my audience read that one. ;)

  3. I've heard the audio version of A Christmas Carol and I'm currently reading the book. :) And Luke! Of coouurrsssee... XD


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