Monday, May 20, 2013

May 10th: Day Nine of the Ethiopia Trip

They cooked us some lamb meat over a fire for our dinner. It was delicious.
This is Tadesse and his little girl, Christian.

This morning, we had breakfast at the Brant's again, and as soon as we had cleaned up the meal, we went to a meeting with the leaders of the churches in Gurage. Once there, they discussed with Dad and Mr. Brant how they hoped this sister church relationship would help our churches. The afternoon was spent quietly resting, because tonight there was going to be a Bonfire for us and the Bible students, and some of the church leaders. When evening came, Bible students started trickling in. Natalie and I armed ourselves with cameras and took pictures of as many Bible students as we could. 

This is Mr. Cory Hageman with my Grandma's prayer partner, Mulu Zeleke, and my oldest brother's prayer partner, Elias Demese.

We also got to meet Tadesse's wife, Mekedus, and their little girl, Christian. She was cute too, and she took a liking to Natalie right away. The dinner was good, if fact, they cooked the lamb meat right in front of us, so we got to watch the whole process. (thankfully, they did the butchering somewhere else. :) Tomorrow is another busy day, so this had better be goodnight or else I'll be exhausted.

This is a picture of all the Bible students that came to the bonfire. From left to right:
Asefa Habte, Yohannes Teka, Elias Demese, Birhanu Argaw, Ababa Merga, Kidusan Euketu, Daniel Hageman, Abera Wolde, Mulu Zeleke, Mikyas Degu, and Kibir Yisfa Mware.


  1. Mm...Lamb meat is so good!! :D

  2. Yup! (except when some of it is a little bit raw, that made me nervous. The cooked stuff was delicious! :)


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