Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 9th: Day Eight of the Ethiopia Trip

Today was the third, and final day of the Pastor/Bible student conference. Natalie gave her Testimony today, and Dad gave his final lesson to that crowd which was on being leaders of prayer. He also had a session for Q&A. Those pastors and students had some good, deep questions. Wow!
From left to right: Mr. Hageman, Dad, and me. We're trying to look like we're eating, but not actually eating
 Dad and I got to have coffee and a snack of kocho and a little bit raw lamb meat at Banksira's house today, right after lunch. What a wonderful family. 
This is Banksira's oldest daughter, and she is pouring the traditional cups of coffee for us to enjoy. (with salt)
When we heard his testimony, all I can say is that he leads an amazing life, and that with God, nothing is impossible.
This is our Family's prayer partner, Banksira Argaw
His littlest girls were the cutest little things, especially when they came up to Dad, me, and Mr. Hageman to give us the kiss on the cheek greeting. I really hope that sometime I'll be able to see their family again before we leave. (Or if I come back to Ethiopia again).
And this is his family: and Dad and I.
I have yet to get pictures of the Bible Students, so I'm hoping to get an opportunity soon. The last couple of days we've not had electricity, and it came on earlier today. You should have heard my yell when the light came on. I was so glad to finally get a shower! I've never been so happy and grateful for electricity. Tonight, there was a youth meeting at a church, and Daniel taught on having a godly attitude no matter what your circumstances. Natalie had enough supplies to do the "wordless bracelets" at the youth thing too, so we got to help hand out stuff. The youth liked the bracelets too, almost as much as the Bible students and pastors at the conference. After the youth program it was just bed, so I'll see you tomorrow, and tell you all more of our adventures.

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