Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 8th: Day Seven of the Ethiopia Trip

Today was the second day of the Conference, and two of our team had to give testimonies, so Daniel Hageman gave his in the morning, and I gave mine during the afternoon, after the lunch break.
I also had to prepare a song to sing, if you remember from yesterday, and Dad said he would sing the third round for us. (sigh of relief). I did not have the courage to sing up there by myself. They did seem to really enjoy our song, so I guess that makes it all worth it. (Even though they couldn't understand a word of what we were singing, except for maybe
Asfaw and Tadesse and Daniel. ((the other Daniel))). Natalie did the "wordless bracelet" today too, after my testimony, and the Bible students caught right onto it. Whenever Natalie asked something like, "What did this bead mean," they all raised their hands to show that they knew. It was neat to see that most of the verses that went along with the bead, they already knew by heart, so they would repeat the verse back at Natalie in their own language. After the conference was done, Daniel H. got out an American football, just to see what they would think of it. Some of the Bible Students caught on right away, but for some of the older ones, it was just a little bit to weird. We found out that Mulu Zeleke, my grandma's prayer partner, is a really good thrower for this being the first time he had ever seen one in real life. One of the other guys, Mikyas Degu, who is Daniel Hageman's older brother's prayer partner, was much better at catching. The day basically finished with dinner at the Brant's and us going back to the hotel again for the night. Still no bed bugs! :) Good night.
Me telling my testimony, Tadesse translated.

From left to right: Mrs. Brant, me, and Dad. We're singing "Father I Adore You".


  1. Good job! You're so brave to get up in front like that!! :)

  2. Thanks. But it turned out that I didn't really get nervous once I was up in front, since only a handful of people could really understand me, and those who couldn't would just think it was a little bit odd if I messed up at all, so it turned out to be fine. :)


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