Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 14th: Day Thirteen of the Ethiopia Trip

Today is the day we get Home!!! We got on our flight, and during the flight Dad allowed me to watch Up, My Fair Lady, and Ratatouille. That got me half way there. I did get some rest, and I listened to music on my ipod for awhile so that helped.Once we got off the plane, got through airport security, and got to meet a beagle dog who sniffed our luggage, we met Janelle and Mrs. Hageman. Also, just outside, Mom, David C., Marta, William, and Samuel were there to take us home. It was so good to see their faces again! :) I showed them pictures from Africa, and they really liked that, as well as being able to see our prayer partner's family. By the way, I didn't get airsick at all for the entire trip! When we got home, Dad and I handed out the souvenirs. Here's what they all got from oldest to youngest (skipping me):
Andrew: a green t-shirt that said "Ethiopia" on it.
Sarah: a pink and silver scarf.
Margaret: a purple and gold scarf.
(Skipping me)
Maxwell: an African chess set.
David: an authentic Ethiopian horse tail fly swatter.
Tabitha: a dog coaster/ puzzle.
Marta: an Ethiopian purse.
William & Samuel: wooden animals and an Ethiopian story book.
I got some Ethiopian flip-flops, and an Ethiopian flute. (which doesn't actually work)
Mom got some jewelry made of silver and Giraffe hair. Dad also got his Mom, Grandma Eddy, a paper art Giraffe picture. Well, this trip has truly been a once-in-a-lifetime experience which I will not be likely to forget ever. I wish that you could have been there as well, because I know that just looking at pictures isn't the same as actually being there. Maybe someday those who are reading my blog will go to Ethiopia or a country like that, or maybe have already gone. Still, as I have been through this trip to a country so different than America, I have learned several good lessons that I wouldn't have otherwise, and I thought I would wright them down.
#1: I have learned to be truly thankful for things that before my trip I have taken for granted such as electricity, food, easy access to stores, good transportation, and good water.
#2: I have learned how real God is, and what a blessing it is to have Him in my life as my Savior.
#3: I have learned to be grateful for my my family and church as never before.
These are just a few of the major lessons God has showed me through this trip. I am so glad to be back! And I hope that as you read through the rest of my future blog posts, you will be able to see a difference in my life from this experience. I'll close with this thought: If I had never gone on this trip, I never would have been this grateful for living in our country as I am right now, or as thankful for what God is doing in the Gurage church. It was really eye opening! I'd better stop before I get carried away, so good-bye, or, in Guragine, "bow-hey-car!"

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