Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 12th: Day Eleven of the Ethiopia Trip

Today was our last day in Gurage. :( We had one more church that Dad was going to speak at, and he spoke on the prodigal son. Saying Goodbye to Asfaw and Tadesse was very sad. I'll really miss them and their families. While I'm here, I almost envy Daniel for being able to stay longer with these wonderful believers, but again, I miss my family and my church too... it would be a tough decision if I had to make it! It was really awesome watching the Gurage believers pray, because when they pray... wow! They really pray!! Their love for Christ just over flows when they pray, and often time, they are hoarse by the end of their prayers (even the ones not praying), because of all the "Amen!"s and "Hallelujah!"s. Thankfully, those words are the same in their language as well as ours, so we could understand them! :)
After saying goodbye to the church leaders, we enjoyed a beautiful ride back to Addis Ababa. Even with all the bumping, I loved to soak in all I could while I could. I'm going to miss the animals on the streets when we get back to the states. :( I am also going to miss being able to stick my head out the window, wave and yell "bow-hey-car!", making the people break out into grins and shout back. We probably won't do that in the states either. We'd get really funny reactions in the states! :P
The day finished with us sitting around the living room and sharing our favorite part of the trip and reflections on what the lord had done in our lives over a bowl of jello (ah, the luxuries of Addis Ababa :). Got to go! See y'all soon... probably in the plane or in Dubai. Good bye Ethiopia! :(

P.S. We still have souvenir shopping to do! (in Ethiopia) :)
Natalie enjoing a cup of tea. (and jello)

Jello: a luxury from Addis Ababa.
Mr. Cory Hageman relaxing in the Brant's Addis Ababa house.

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