Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 4th: Day Three of the Ethiopia Trip

People selling sheep right next to the highway. (I'm taking this picture from inside the car!)
Tonight, I wright by the aid of a flash light because the electricity has not been being consistent. Yes, we are now safely in Addis Ababa and have been fed a delicious dinner by Mrs. Brant. (To those who don't know them, they are a missionary couple to the Gurage people in Ethiopia, and it was to them that we went on our missions trip.) All that really happened today was yet more traveling, so I still don't have much to record. However, on the way to the Brant's Addis Ababa house, from the airport, it was interesting to see people herding goats and sheep right next to the highway, and seeing chickens, donkeys, horses and cows wandering along side vehicles. It was also kind of nerve wracking having animals and people randomly crossing the road in front of cars going along at speeds of over 60 miles an hour and swerving out of the way just in time! (this is no tall tale, I was watching Mrs. Brant's speed.) I must say, even the small amount of time that it took going from the airport to the Brant's house was quite an experience in itself. I told myself, "Welcome to a 3rd world country Rebekah!", and began to brace myself for what else might happen. Well, I had best get some sleep, 'cause it sounds like we're going to be getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the road again, but this time, for Gurage. See y'all later, good night!

I'm washing dishes for Mrs. Brant by candle light.


  1. You are such a sweet girl, Rebekah! Already helping out right when you get there. :) (It's kinda romantic to wash dishes by candle light though, right?? :P)

    1. Aww... Thanks Madi.
      (I'm used to cleaning up after 12 people, so 7 was a breeze for me. :)

  2. We had to have dinner by candlelight too!
    (but it wasn't at all romantic! :)


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