Monday, June 27, 2016

Millions That Will Never

Boy, I'm really loading you with blog posts this month, aren't I? Well, here's my excuses:
1) I've had these weird moments of inspiration late at night recently,
2) At least with this poem, it's something I've wanted to write a poem about for a long time, and
3) I've been trying to reach my quota of 100 words a day, and sometimes blog posts are easier to write than stories. Really.

But now onto why I wrote this particular poem.

Abortion. Millions of babies that are being killed every day. And so many people don't care.
I'm not one who will cry willy-nilly over movies or books who are trying to pull your emotional strings, but abortion gets me. Every. Single. Time.

So I wrote a poem to express what I feel when someone talks about Planned Parenthood or any other abortion system. Sure I feel angry at what they're doing, who wouldn't? But also I feel a sense of loss, and inexpressible sadness. So on that note now I give you:

Millions That Will Never:
Written by Rebekah Eddy

Millions of little eyes
That will never see
Dewdrops on roses
Or a giant tree.
Millions of little ears
That will never hear
Voices of loved ones
And those they hold dear.
Millions of little mouths
That will never speak
Sing, shout, and laugh,
Or cry when they're weak.
Millions of noses
That will never sniff
Home-baked, hot cookies
Or bleed from a biff.
Millions of little hands
That will never hold
Other precious babies
When they are old.
Millions of little lives
Are lost every day,
Murdered by humans
They don't have a say.
Those ones who kill them,
They all were born,
They too were babies
Small and forlorn.
Why aren't they grateful
For being alive,
And give all those babies
A chance to survive?
God cares for the millions,
He loves them all,
He carries those babies
Past heaven's wall.
Though millions won't see
What it's like here,
I can only imagine
Their life without fear.
It's tragic to see
Their precious lives lost,
But God's in control
And He knows the cost.
Those ones who take lives
And innocent souls
Will reap their reward
From all earthly goals.
God will not let
Their sins stay hid,
They'll surely pay
For all that they did.

But while we're here on earth
We speak for those
Who can't talk for themselves,
Who can't interpose.
We can fight for the millions,
We can stand strong,
We can tell all the others
That these babies belong!
So join in our battle,
For those millions need
People who love them
And who will intercede.


  1. Wow, this was a really good poem. Recently I've had some run-ins with people who have questioned why I am pro-life, and it's been such a learning experience for me with how to respond to them in love. I mean, they really, REALLY believed that pro-choice was right. And while I'm not sure that I changed their minds, I do hope that I at least was able to give them something to think about.
    But yeah. All that to say, I really appreciated reading through this poem. Tan you so much for writing and sharing! :)

    1. It's sad to see how so many are blind to everything abortion I said above, it gets me every time. Sometimes we just need to open their eyes so they realize what they're doing.
      If someone ever approaches me who is pro-choice, I'm going to show them this poem. :) Maybe then they'll change their minds.

    2. Yeah, it is. And while I know that there are a lot of people who really don't care about the lives, a lot of the moms are just so scared. And to many of them, abortion seems the only way out. Some of the things they've been through are just so sad. And yes, opening their eyes and getting them to realize that there is a human life inside them!!!
      Yes, show them the poem! And if I end up in a conversations about it again, would you mind if I showed them the poem?

      Oh, and in the above comment, I was TOTALLY trying to say "THANK you"! I promise I know how to spell! :P

    3. Absolutely! I pray that this poem might change their lives!
      You're welcome. I'm a pretty good guesser when it comes to misspellings. ;)

  2. I am so close to tears right now. Your poem is amazing, Rebekah, absolutely amazing.

    Abortion gets me all the time as well. It's so frustrating to hear about how people don't care a cent about murdering innocent little babies, but are willing to behead a man for killing a lion. I mean, WHAT EVEN?!

    Our church volunteers every year for the Pregnancy Care Centre, and I'm so glad to be able to help out there. It's so encouraging to hear the testimonies of women who have been helped by the PCC!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, Rebekah :)

    1. Thank you. I wish more people were as abhorred by it as I am. Maybe then the laws would change. "Save the trees and kill the children" is how Casting Crowns put it in their song, and I totally agree that. It's ridiculous how protective people are over endangered species only to turn around and murder millions of babies. I can only shake my head in disbelief and horror.
      Here, we have Care Net as our pro-life services, and I want to volunteer there once I have my driver's license and car. :) It's neat that you can help them.
      You're welcome. I'm so glad you were touched by it.

  3. Wow. Good poem Rebekah! That teared me up!
    It's so said that people don't think about what they are doing and think it's their body so it's their choice.
    It shouldn't be their choice to end someone else's life before they are born!! :(

    1. Thanks. I'm honored that it touched you so much! I totally agree with you on that one.

  4. Wow. Beautiful poem, Rebekah. I, too, feel very strongly about abortion. Our youth group is currently collecting money for a pro-life pregnancy care center, where the try to convince girls to keep their babies. It's a really great thing. :)

    Also, a line of your poem made me think of a song that was sung at a singing at church recently. It was talking about heaven and it said "all the unwanted children can say 'my Father is the King'". I cried. It's such a sweet song. <3

    1. Oh, awesome! Keep up the good work! *two thumbs up*
      I'll have to look up that song. What's the title?

    2. The song is "Don't That Sound Like Heaven?" written by Tery Evans. :)

    3. Thanks. I'll look it up and listen to it. :)

  5. Thanks so much Rebekah. I appreciated this poem, and I know my mom did too, when she read it. I know that some people would argue with you that before babies are born, they aren't really "babies". Sad. But thank you for believing otherwise!! :)

    1. You're very welcome! Those babies deserve to have a voice!

  6. Great poem!! Gives me shivers

    1. Wow. High compliment coming from you. ;) Thanks.

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    1. Awesome! I'd love too! Thanks for the invite! Will do! (I'm using a lot of exclamation marks because I'm excited! ;)

    2. Okay great! So once you get your account made you can just leave a link to your Camp NaNo account here or you can just tell me your username. :D That way I can invite you... I think it should just be a pop-up on the website. Other than that, just make sure to add your project and you'll be set! :) :)

    3. I'm just waiting for the confirmation e-mail right now. How long did it take them to send yours?

    4. Hmmm I think it should come like... right away? XD

    5. Nope. Not for me at any rate... *sigh* I THINK I can wait, but my e-mail has been being visited every hour or so...

      Can you tell I'm excited?? ;)

    6. Hmm... well that's kind of strange. XD Maybe if it doesn't come by tomorrows try again? Idk my brother made an account because he was joining me this time around and the confirmation email came like immediately. XP

      Not at all. :P

    7. I think I might take your advice and try again. Hmm...weird. *shrugs*

    8. What did you put in as your username? Rebekah Eddy? XD
      Maybe it will show up for me to invite you... otherwise I'd definitely retry it. :D

    9. I sent them an e-mail in their "Help" thing, and everything is okeydokey...
      Actually *embarrassed cough* I misspelled my user name... Which hopefully will make it easier for you, since there probably aren't many "Rebakah Eddy"s out there. XD

    10. Speaking of you happen to know how to change your username, or will I be stuck with it forever??

    11. *dies laughing* Oh my word Rebekah that is too funny. The good news is, I GOT YOU INVITED HUZZAH *confetti* The bad news is I don't think you can change your username... XD

    12. *glares* It is NOT funny. *groan* I'm MORTIFIED.
      But, anyways, I think I'm in your cabin now...for what that's worth. Now what?

  8. Oh wow. This hit me.

    I am generally one to cry while watching movies (but actually usually only when there is animal or child cruelty), I almost cried for this. So touching.

    1. Aw, thank you! That was my goal with this poem. These babies need to be heard. <3

  9. I know this is late, but this poem is absolutely beautiful! Abortion is so very awful, and I am so glad that more people are standing up for the unborn. You did an amazing job with this poem! <3

    1. Thank you! This is a very huge deal to me, so I love it when there's others who agree with me. <3

  10. Rebekah... This is amazing. So, so beautiful and heartbreaking... Life is a gift. Children, innocent babies... God knew them before He put them in the womb, each of us- it is so evil that we end their lives so mercilessly...
    We can pray and stand strong. Amen Rebekah!
    -Angela |

    1. This comment was such an encouragement to me! Thank you bunches! <3


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